My Polytunnel

Based in Annascaul, My Polytunnel is a business specialising in the sale and construction of polytunnels in the Kerry area.

webpic2We can also undertake all necessary groundwork with our mini-digger and also supply you with made-to-order potting benches and integrated shelving units.

Products & Services

A polytunnel allows you to work outside, in your garden, no matter what the weather.
Very cost effective, a polytunnel is essential for any gardening enthusiast.
The growing season is greatly extended with the use of a polytunnel, enabling you to get a head start and carry on later in the year.
Feel free to call and come see our show tunnel in Annascaul.

webpic1We supply polytunnels in a large range of sizes to suit your garden. They are made with a 34 mm galvinised interlocking tubing and 800 gauge semi-opaque plastic.
Our tunnels also have 24 inch high sides for extra grow-space and doors at either end.
Typically the plastic we use on our tunnels will last for 8 – 12 years if properly maintained and not exposed to high winds.
We can also construct your polytunnel.
We also have have a mini-digger to carry out any minor groundwork you may need. We also have carpentry experience so we can make and deliver potting benches and shelving to order.

Call Paul on +353863432722


The heart of the Dingle Peninsula: the village of Annascaul lies among mountains, lakes and streams and is surrounded by history and beauty.

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