Jerome Connor Sculpture Collection

Jerome Connor c.1920
Jerome Connor c.1920

Jerome Connor (1874-1943) was an Annascaul-born sculptor of international stature. He produced about two hundred works ranging from small portrait heads to monumental bronze sculptures. Neglected for many years after his death, he work is now becoming more widely recognised and celebrated.

For more information about his life and work, see the Jerome Connor Website

In 1990 a Jerome Connor Trust was established in association with the National Gallery of Ireland to own eight of Connor’s bronzes for inclusion in a projected gallery in Annascaul. The collection was subsequently expanded to fourteen pieces.

A permanent exhibition space for the trust collection, along with six pieces in private hands, was built at the South Pole Inn in Annascaul, and was officially opened in April 2014. It is the largest single collection of his work.

Some of the works exhibited
Elbert Hubbard (1930)
Mid-sized bust matching the upper part of the statue of Elbert Hubbard I (1856-1915). Hubbard was the founder of the Roycroft Arts and Crafts Community, Aurora New York, and patron of Connor. Hubbard perished in the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915. Bronze, cast in 1991 for the Jerome Connor Trust from the 1930 plaster.

The Face of Éire (1932)
Bronze on red marble. Cast from the original studio wax in 1991. This is the face of Éire, a full-size seated figure conceived as a memorial to the Kerry Poets for erection in Killarney. The monument was never erected in the Kerry town due to disputes between Connor and the commissioning committee. This eventually led to Connor being sued for the return of monies he had received and his eventual bankruptcy.

A cast of the full sculpture was eventually made and placed in Merrion Square, Dublin, in 1973.800px-c3a9ire_sculpture_dublin


Archbishop Carroll (1912)
Modern bronze from original plaster. This was a maquette for the upper part of the statue of Archbishop John Carroll, founder of Georgetown University, Washington DC, erected there in 1912.john_carroll_founder_statue_2011
 Onondaga Bowman (fragment) (1904)
Bronze on red marble. This torso of an Onondaga Iroquois bowman was a maquette for one of two Native American figures on the Kirkpatrick Memorial Fountain in Syracuse, New York. The figures were later vandalised and no longer form part of the memorial.
 The Patriot (1927)
Modern bronze made from plaster in private collection.A panel for a monument to the rebels of the Easter Rising of 1916. The monument was never realised.This was exhibited in plaster at the Royal Academy, London in 1929.
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