Annascaul (also called Anascaul or in Irish Abhainn an Scáil or Abha na Scáil) is a friendly village in the heart of the breathtakingly beautiful Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland.

Annascaul is small enough to be hospitable and intimate but large enough to have all the visitor needs.

Annascaul is a walker’s paradise. Hill and dale, sea, river, lake make an ever-changing pattern, with the wild flowers of Kerry blooming everywhere.

Situated as it is on the southwest tip of Ireland, the Gulf Stream plays a more warming part than it does for the rest of the country. For the holiday maker, this gives a longer season of enjoyment. The first flowers of Spring appear shortly after Christmas and the gorse is still in bloom at the end of October.

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The heart of the Dingle Peninsula: the village of Annascaul lies among mountains, lakes and streams and is surrounded by history and beauty.